About Zeglar

We're not a large company with offices around the world, we don't have divisions and departments, and we're definitely not like other web designers - in fact most of the time we work remotely from cities like Honolulu, Nashville, New York, London, and Wroclaw.

Hi I'm Konrad, owner of Zeglar. Now that you know what we're not, let me tell you what we are. Zeglar is a private small business with just a few employees but a lot, let me repeat that... A LOT of talent. We started small in early 2006 and we intend to stay small and nimble to keep operating costs and overhead as low as possible. If you're looking for a development firm with hoards of graphic design artists and a cubicle farm of web developers sucking down YooHoo and playing ping-pong, then you've come to the wrong place. You see, when we work we don't fool around playing games on your dime, and when we're done we leave . Usually we put in a full day and occasionally nights as well depending on workload, but we try not to get too stressed out and keep focused on the bigger picture in life.

The team has extensive hands on experience in web design and all areas of web development, graphic design, e-commerce shopping carts, server management, penetration testing, search engine optimization. That's just what we work with on a daily basis, chances are if you've seen it on the web, we've been elbow deep in it at some point and have a lot to say about it.

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